What Does A Routine HVAC System Maintenance Check Consist? 

Depending on the kind of HVAC system you own, your unit tune-up can often consist of the following processes: 

HVAC System

Calibration of Thermostat

Your HVAC technician will be the one to calibrate your HVAC unit’s thermostat in order to make sure that it is accurate. Aside from that, they also recommend that you install an energy-saving thermostat that is programmable if you do not have one already. This is why it’s best that you only consult with a professional and skilled HVAC service provider since they have the skills and knowledge to do so. 

System lubrication

Actually, HVAC units contain a lot of moving parts. In fact, the friction that is created when the parts are up against each other usually cost it to wear out and that can lead to HVAC system malfunction. Furthermore, keeping components and parts lubricated is very important in order to prevent premature wear as well as in order to prolong their lifespan. 

Checking of the Controls of Your HVAC System

Your preferred HVAC system service provider really do want to test every system control in order to make sure that the unit stops and performs all other functions in a safe and correct manner. 

Maintenance of Your Blower

Experts said that dirty or clogged blower can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. This the reason why routine and proper HVAC maintenance check must be done with the help of a professional HVAC service provider along with the thorough cleaning of your blower as well as important calibration steps. 

Cleaning of Your HVAC Coil 

What most people don’t know about is that dirty evaporator coils and condenser also limit the efficiency of your air conditioning system and your heating unit. And, it can also lead your unit to work much harder than it should. Actually, you’re HVAC inspection must include a thorough and proper coil cleaning and this should be done at least once every year. 

The Checking of Your Proper Fuel Line Connection

The moment your HVAC unit runs on propane, oil, or gas, a loose fuel line connection can possibly pose a fire hazard and chances are it can also allow some toxic fumes to escape. Fortunately, your preferred HVAC service provider will be the one to verify your connection’s tightness and they will be the one to make necessary adjustments as well. This is why it’s highly recommended by experts that you only call in a professional and highly reputable HVAC system provider since they are already experienced and knowledgeable and this kind of process and because of that, everything will be surely done right in a safe and proper manner. 

Luckily, HVAC service providers like the Air Conditioning Services in Manassas can be able to provide you with premium service as they have the right skills, training, as well as experience in order to perform any dependable preventive maintenance tasks. They also know what it takes to make sure that your HVAC unit is operating at its peak efficiency throughout the season and they will also help you avoid any costly and unexpected breakdown.