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SunnieBunnie Rabbitry is located in San Diego County, California
Owned and Operated by Sunshine S. Patron (aka: "Sunnie") & Family
Member of the ARBA, NMRRC, and PRMA
ARBA Registered Rabbitry# W415

Raising Mini Rex exclusively since March 2004
Specializing in Lynx

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Rabbitry News
Temporary Hiatus...

Some of you may already have been privy to the circumstances that has brought me to this decision, but for those that have not, this is my official announcement.

It was with great thought and consideration that I decided to entrust my entire Mini Rex herd to my dear friend Donald Barger.

There has been several circumstances, some financial and some not, in which I refuse to allow my herd to not get their proper attention and dedication while we work through these things. This decision did not happen overnight, nor did it happen in the course of a week. I considered several options before coming to a decision that I was the most content and at ease with.

I AM NOT PERMANENTLY OUT. It is more of a 3-5 year hiatus.
During this hiatus, if you seek SBR lines and stock, contact Donald directly at longfeathersfarm@yahoo.com

I am on Facebook...
... and I post the occasional random bits & pics about the barn/rabbits/etc. more frequently than I tend to update this site, but it is not a dedicated "Rabbitry" page. For now, I have no plans to create a Rabbitry page there. You're welcome to look me up if you are so inclined.

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